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    I’m also having issues with the R13 toolchain update. I was prompted to download it while on the previous VisualGDB preview (VisualGDB-5.4-preview4?)

    I tried installing preview6, rolling back to the R12 toolchain. My project could open and compile again.  However I tried upgrading to R13 again and I got the attached output trying to build.  I also can’t clean as it’s also referencing the /Cygwin folder.

    Is there a way to have R12 and R13 installed side by side? Alternatively are there links to download the toolchains? I have a slow internet connection, it takes 30 minutes just to change toolsets because it has to re-download the toolset each time..

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    Of course just after I post, I find




    Good to know you have found the download link. Let us know if you need any further help with this.

    The build errors might be caused by the Project Properties -> Path Mapping -> GDB Path Style setting. It should be set to “Use toolchain default” in order to automatically switch between Cygwin-based toolchains (R12 and earlier) and MSYS2-based toolchains (R13).



    Thanks, I had an additional source path mapping entered that referenced my project folder to the cygdrive alternate. Not sure why.  Removing that fixed the problem for me.

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