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    When creating an mbed project with ARCH_MAX board (STM32F407VET6, I’m actually using a chinese board), there are a couple of issues:

    a) “No hardware register definitions” when debugging, this was resolved by adding the MCU definition to the mbed.xml

    b) There is no target_source_clock option, and it seems I can’t easily use the HSE? I tried adding the key/value pair in mbed.xml for the USE_PLL_HSE_XTAL but this didn’t appear to change it either

    Is this fixable?





    The missing hardware registers is a known issue – our mbed BSP generator uses very basic logic to associate mbed targets with register files provided by other BSPs and doesn’t pick up the ARCH_MAX properly. The workaround is very easy – just select the correct definition file from the Hardware Registers window.

    Regarding clocking, it looks like your technical support as expired. Please renew your license and we can help you understand the mechanism used by mbed to control the STM32 settings and change them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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