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    when I try to compile with GNU Make, I get a lot of these errors:

    1>VisualGDB: Run “make CONFIG=Debug” in directory “app” on root(SSH)
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 15: Unassociated shell command “$(if $(findstring =,$(__macro)), \
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 16: Unassociated shell command “–pd “$(firstword $(subst =, ,$(__macro))) SETA $(subst “,\”,$(lastword $(subst =, ,$(__macro))))”, \
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 17: Unassociated shell command “–pd “$(__macro) SETA 1”)) \
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 24: Could not find .mak
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 29: Could not find
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 31: Missing dependency operator
    1>make: “app/Makefile” line 33: Need an operator


    It works using CMake, but not GNU Make. And CMake on my side is very slow, and also re-compiles the whole source for each little change, while GNU Make only recompiles required files.

    This is why I’d like to use GNU Make, however the generated Makefile  by VisualGDB seems not to work out.

    Using FreeBSD 12.1, 32 bit

    gcc 9.3, clang version 8.0, cmake version 3.17





    Please let us know the email associated with your license key so that we could check your support status. If you are using a trial, please update your forum profile to use your company email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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