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    This is with version 5.4 (Preview 10, build 2582), which I recognize as a beta release.  This is more of a bug report.

    I have an MKV31F256 micro that I’m trying to create a new project for using the Kinetis SDK v2 (https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/welcome).  I generated the SDK for the MKV31F256xxx12 for All Toolchains, downloaded and unzipped the SDK, and imported it into Visual Studio / VisualGDB through the Manage VisualGDB Packages window.  See the VisualGDBPackages.PNG image.

    I then created a new project and selected “MKV31F256VLL12 (KSDK 2.x) under the Device Selection tab.  See the DeviceSelection.PNG image.

    I clicked Next to go to the sample selection, and nothing is listed under the “Basic Sample” tab.  I clicked on the “KSDK Samples” tab, which is shown in the SampleSelection.PNG image.  The “Show samples that are not compatible with MKV31F256VLL12 (KSDK 2.x) text, which looks clickable, does not do anything.  Also, the two check boxes at the bottom, “Show incompatible samples” and “Copy library sources to project folder” are not toggleable.

    A few minutes after I clicked on the “Show incompatible samples”, the sample list populated, as shown in the PopulatedSample.PNG image.  However, the list is not scrollable, samples cannot be selected and the checkboxes cannot be toggled.  However, the Filter field does work and filters the list.

    Are there any known workarounds for this issue?

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    Thanks for the detailed bugreport. We have fixed this in the following build: http://sysprogs.com/files/tmp/VisualGDB-



    Worked perfectly.  Thanks!

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