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    I used VS2022 and VGDB5.6R2 (build 4506) to import a Keil project. The import seemed to work ok (I had to put a semicolon between two preprocessor symbols that got imported with only a space). But the keil components window does not work. I can check items off, but it does not affect the RTE_Components.h file. The checks do not persist. They clear when expanding another node on the keil components window, or when leaving VGDB Project Properties and re-entering.

    I reopened my imported project in VS2019, and the keil components work as expected there (after I removed a double ClInclude of RTE_Components.h from the project file).

    As a sanity check I deleted the imported project, and imported directly using 2019, then again using 2022. The project imported with 2019 I was able to select keil components. With 2022, I was not able to select Keil components.

    Even with 2019, I was not able to select a version for the various packs. So if there were multiple versions of the same pack installed (presumably to support older projects that are stable and shouldn’t be tampered with), VGDB will only “See” the latest installed back version. That seems like a shortcoming. But ultimately…not being able to pick components in VS2022 is the largest problem here.





    Thanks, indeed there was a glitch with the Keil components triggered by the 64-bit runtime used by VS2022. We have fixed it in this build: VisualGDB-

    With the pack versions, indeed VisualGDB only recognizes the latest one. We will look further into it and provide an update here regarding the possible workarounds in the next couple of days.

    Update: the multiple pack versions work just fine as long as you select the correct pack version in the device selector (first page of VisualGDB Project Properties). Then, VisualGDB will use the component list from the corresponding version of the pack.

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