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    is it possible to flash a JTAG-connected ESP32 from the command line, or at least without launching a debug session? The JTAG adapter I’m using (FT2232D-based) supplies a second COM port, and I can also use it for flashing, but this requires manually pressing the “EN” button on my devkit board, since the DTR/RST lines on this second port are not connected.






    The JTAG-based FLASHing is done by the OpenOCD tool, so it would be possible to launch it manually and issue the FLASHing commands manually as well.

    You can find out the command line used by VisualGDB to launch OpenOCD in the Debug->Windows->GDB Stub window and then use the GDB Session window (switch it to “All Output” and search for command starting with “mon” to see the commands sent by VisualGDB to OpenOCD to program the FLASH memory).

    If you don’t want to setup the command lines and FLASHing commands manually, please try using the Debug->Program FLASH Memory command in Visual Studio that will automatically launch the necessary tools, program the memory and then disconnect the debug session.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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