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    I’ve been developing a project for the NRF52 using command line tools (i.e. took one of Nordic’s example projects and just have VGDB call ‘make’ in the makefile directory).  It’s been working fine for months, but a day or two ago it quit working: it says the build was successful, but I don’t think it actually links.  And if I press build again immediately after, rather than saying ‘nothing to be done’ it starts compiling files again.  What’s really strange is that if I go to VGDB Project Properties–>Build settings–>Customize Build Command and hit “Run Command Now” it works exactly as expected–builds and links, and then if hit build again it says ‘nothing to be done’.  I can also go to the command line and ‘make’, and if I then hit build in VGDB it also says ‘nothing to be done’.  Any idea what could have changed?  And what’s the difference between testing the command in the project properties and pressing the Build button?






    Normally there should not be any difference. Please try enabling the verbose mode via View->Other Windows->VisualGDB Diagnostics Console to see the exact command lines launched by VisualGDB.

    Another option would be to add “-d -d -d” to the make arguments so that it displays debug information about what is going on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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