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    Why, when I click on “VisualGDB Project Properties” under “Project”, does it not display the VisualGDB Project Properties?



    To clarify, that usually works; but then it appears to stop working for a project, and will not work again. (When I click on “VisualGDB Project Properties”, nothing appears to happen.)

    I do have the workaround of bringing up the appropriate .vdgbsettings file, but it’s far easier to explain to my other users how to do things the other way.




    This could happen if the property used to store the location of the .vgdbsettings file was set incorrectly. Please try holding Shift while right-clicking on the project and VisualGDB will display the corresponding menu item even if it cannot confirm that it’s a valid VisualGDB Project. It may then display an error that will help locate the root cause for this.

    If it does not help, please let us know if it’s an MSBuild-based project or not and we will suggest further diagnostic steps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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