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    I want to make VisualGDB version of the Nordic’s ble_peripheral/ble_app_template example project. However when adding include directories there is 5000 character limit in the VisualGDB project properties. Nordic SDK build command generates 5692 characters long include parameters, but even when I replace e.g. -I../../../../../../components/ (original command line) with ../../nRF5_SDK/components (my SDK is in the nRF5_SDK directory next to the solution) I would need 5137 characters to provide all include directories.

    I am aware that some (many?) of these directories are not needed, but I would like to make a fully-featured template project for VisualGDB. I tried with Makefile project and MSBuild and the limit is the same. I convert the project to standalone project and do not use VisualGDB provided BSP as I like to have total control over the build process (just with all the VS + Resharper C++ sweets).

    Is it possible to increase that limit?

    Thank you,




    VisualGDB itself does not have any limits on command line lengths (it actually uses response files to avoid any implicit limits set by Windows).

    The behavior you are experiencing might be caused by the WinForms text box control used across VisualGDB settings. Please try using the VS project properties instead (or edit the .props file manually).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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