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    I’m using VisualGDB and when I attempt to import an existing CMake project (via right click on solution>Add New Project>Linux Project Wizard>Import a Project or via Project>Add VisualGDB Configuration>Add Linux Configuration) I get the following error:

    This occurred with version 5.4r12 as well, thus I was trying the 5.5 preview to see if it resolved it. It appears that this is a VisualGDB issue as opposed to a Visual Studio error because it is a VisualGDB error window that pops up, but I may be incorrect.

    I attempted to research it myself but have not been able to come across anything. Is this something that has been encountered before in VisualGDB or am I looking in the wrong area?

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    I was able to create a new project from the CMake file successfully, it appears this was occurring when attempting to add a new VisualGDB CMake project to an existing solution. Still remains a bug, but it’s less of an issue as I am able to create a new project from a CMake file and add other projects to the created solution.



    No problem, we can help you get this to work, however we would need more information in order to pinpoint it.

    The error stack you attached looks like the New Linux Configuration Wizard is getting invalid/incomplete information about the current project. If the solution contains multiple projects, it could happen if the currently selected project (i.e. the project owning the currently selected item in Solution Explorer) is some special type of project that is not properly recognized by VisualGDB.

    In order to diagnose it further, please try this build: VisualGDB-, it should include more details in the error traces.

    Please share the updated traces from:

    • Using the New Linux Configuration wizard
    • Using the New Linux Project wizard

    If you could also share a screenshot of the Solution Explorer showing the currently selected item while trying to import the project, it can help us pinpoint the issue faster (you can send it via our support form if you don’t want to post it publicly).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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