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    I’m pretty confused despite the fact that I’m a very experienced Visual Studio developer.

    I was reading this example:

    So in a new project for the STM32F407G-DISC1 board I added these lines to the source:

    #include <stm32f4xx.h>
    #include <stm32f4xx_rcc.h>
    #include <stm32f4xx_flash.h>

    The project compiled fine.

    Then I added this function call to the first line in main:


    This compiled but didn’t build – I understand why that is.

    So I then added the file


    To the projects Source files\Device-specific files\LL solution folder – using Visual Studio, Add existing item etc.

    Once I did that the project will not compile, for example:

    Error ‘HSI_VALUE’ undeclared

    Error ‘RCC_TypeDef {aka struct <anonymous>}’ has no member named ‘DCKCFGR’; did you mean ‘PLLCFGR’?

    and so on, in fact a total of 32 errors and 42 warning are reported.

    I simply have no idea what to do next, how do I identify what else needs to be added to the Include and Source folders in the project?

    It seems that all I can do is trial and error, incrementally searching and stuff – very very laborious.

    Is there no way to get from some function name (RCC_DeInit) and find what headers and source files one needs and in what order to include those headers?

    I tried to find the header that defines RCC_DCKCFGR_PLLI2SDIVQ for example, because that is reported as undefined when stm32f4xx_rcc.c gets compiled, but I cannot, I used Notepad++ to search the folder tree – no match.










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    Sorry, this looks like a question about the STM32 library/framework structure, not something specific to VisualGDB. Please consider posting on the STM32 forums to get help on STM32-specific issues.



    But surely this is something you understand? what would you do to resolve this kind of issue?



    No problem, we can help you solve it via our paid consulting services. Please contact our sales to get a quote.



    But I though my purchase included support? I just paid for the Custom Edition last week!







    Sorry, our support covers issues specific to our products. It is not possible for us to provide general programming help/personalized introductions to external libraries, devices and frameworks as a part of our product support, as the cost of such a service would greatly exceed what we charge for our licenses.



    OK understood, I have now posted this as a question on the STM forum site along with details of a public GitHub repo that contains the (unbuildable) project.



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    No problem and thanks for your understanding.

    Also if you get STM32-specific advice on the ST’s forums and need help mapping it to VisualGDB GUI (e.g. finding the setting for managing include paths, defining preprocessor macros or adding files to the project), feel free to ask us. This is fully covered by our support, although we did our best to make those settings as intuitive as possible.

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