How is VisualGDB rewriting original STM32CubeIDE project?

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    I’m trying to get FatFs working on a STM Nucleo-H7A3ZI-Q with a Waveshare microSD card.  I started by building a simple project with STM32CubeIDE that just has a SDMMC peripheral mapped with a GPIO pin for the microSD card detect pin and I’ve got the FatFs middleware activated with DMA.  Then I imported that into a new VisualGDB project with  the “Automatically import a project … -> Import an existing STM32CubeIDE/SW4STM32 Project” feature.   That’s always worked for me in the past and it seemed to work again this time with one magic feature.  When I add code or make changes in my VisualGDB project, it somehow gets magically added into the original STM32CubeIDE project.  That’s pretty impressive but I’d like to make sure the original CubeIDE project doesn’t change so I can always use it to start a fresh VGDB project without any errors due to my mistakes.

    Is there a way to prevent changes to a VisualGDB project from being added to the original STM32CubeIDE project?




    Please note that VisualGDB does not change the original STM32CubeIDE project. If you believe this is not the case, please share the complete instructions how to reproduce the problem from scratch per our problem reporting guidelines and we will try to investigate it further.



    In that case, I’m guessing that it’s git making the changes.  I’ll run a test in the near future to see what’s happening.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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