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    I have a project a third party created in VS code that I want to run in Visual Studio.

    HTML code in a partition needs to be flashed into spiffs at program time but this is not happening.

    Reading Visual GDB tutorial on spifss, I see an option to “Program into FLASH memory together with the project” when creating a new partition. Is there a way to edit the partition to set this for existing partition?




    Most likely, the project you imported defines something incorrectly. If you would like us to investigate it and pinpoint the root cause, we can gladly do it at our consulting rate.

    If you believe it is a VisualGDB issue, please make sure you can reproduce it on a newly project created from scratch per our problem reporting guidelines. If the problem only happens with a specific 3rd-party project, it is likely caused by invalid settings somewhere in that project.




    That is very helpful.


    spiffs_create_partition_image(web_store ../webserver-content FLASH_IN_PROJECT) to the cmakelists in main solved it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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