Gdb hangs. -target-select remote :XXXXX

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    I’m trying for few hours now to set up your program and no luck yet. I’m using the network method (Ethernet) and everytime I try to debug the target machine (the ubuntu) stucks (like it should) and I get the following annoying message in the host pc:

    The following GDB command is taking too long to complete:
    -target-select remote :49213 // or any other port, seems to be random

    and after a min or so it just stops and I have to restart the target machine.
    What’s wrong with the connection between the two computers? Everything seems ok when it comes to compiling/building etc so there’s a connection ofc. What am I doing wrong ?
    would love to hear some suggestions.



    I use virtual machines (vmware) and Ethernet works fine.



    Ok. I don’t use vmware. Would love to hear some Helpful comments.




    What ethernet card are you using? Kgdboe (Ethernet debugging transport) can be incompatible with some cards. What happens if you try setting up KGDBoE manually ( Do you get a connection? Do you get any errors in dmesg?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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