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    could you assist me please, I’m not sure that I’m doing all correct

    I’ve imported existing makefile-based project from linux,

    and writing some code in existing source file, after the build,

    I see that changed file is uploaded but remote build was not performed:


    1>VisualGDB: Sending 1 updated source file to build machine…
    1>VisualGDB: Run “make ” in directory “/home/myname/workspace/zeph” on myname@ (SSH)
    1>make: Nothing to be done for ‘all’.

    only rebuild  does expected work




    It is hard to tell what is causing this without knowing more about your project structure. Looks like VisualGDB managed to upload 1 new file, but when Make was launched remotely, it did not find any changes. This could happen if your Makefile rules don’t properly reference the file you uploaded or if your upload settings exclude some files vital for building.

    We would recommend enabling verbose output via Tools->Options->VisualGDB, checking which source file gets uploaded and then double-checking the Make rules to see that this file is listed as a dependency.



    I suppose that can be happened due the mixed makefile usage, which I decribed in previous topic (about PHP debug)

    when I switch from custom to gnu make build system, it really didn’t overwrite my imported from linux make file but does some odd mixture of original and generated from GUI settings.
    I’ll try to migrate to GUI based makefile completely and move my actions from original one accurtelly ,

    and if the problem will be still there, I’ll ask you for a next steps


    THank you!



    confirmed , makefile project created from scratch works fine with auto build on update

    however another issues are found , please comment in a topic “custom build folder”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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