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    I try to run a FreeeRTOS-Demo (exactely CORTEX_M7_STM32F7_STM32756G-EVAL_IAR_Keil from “FreeRTOSv202012.00”)
    Everthing runs fine BUT…

    One single File does not compile!
    “RegTest_Keil.c” – This File contains some ASM-Functions

    __asm void vRegTest1Implementation( void )
    IMPORT ulRegTest1LoopCounter

    /* Fill the core registers with known values. */
    mov r0, #100
    mov r1, #101
    mov r2, #102
    mov r3, #103
    mov r4, #104
    mov r5, #105
    mov r6, #106


    Error expected ‘(‘ before ‘void’ RTOSDemo..
    Severity Description Project File Line
    Error stray ‘#’ in program RTOSDemo..

    Maybe the Syntax is wrong…
    Maybe an Include is missed…

    Need a little nudge 😉




    also to keep in mind:
    the Project was imported by the VGDB-Wizard from a Keil-Source…




    Please note that our support is limited to VisualGDB issues only. Based on the information you provided, VisualGDB is working as expected – the compiler reports a build error and VisualGDB displays it.

    Please note that we receive a large volume of inquiries asking to help troubleshoot a specific project, port a library to a different device, or fix a build error, and are not able to investigate them without directly billing the users for the time required to do that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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