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    Dear Synsprogs supporter.


    Might you look at my problem and give me some thoughts or a solution?



    I am trying to go from IAR EW software to Visual studio. I have followed this tutorial to import IAR Project into Visual Studio with GDB. https://visualgdb.com/tutorials/arm/import/iar/

    I have chosen “IAR for ARM” as a imported the existing IAR project with the IAR Compiler.

    The debug method I use is Segger J-link (this I have tested, so I know there is connection).

    After building and cleaning and rebuilding the code. I press the run VisualGDB Debugger button. Then I get the following error and messages (given in the attached file)


    It looks like I am not able to hit the break point in main.

    So my questions are:

    1. The message: ^error,msg=”No symbol table is loaded. Use the \”file\” command.” How can I fix that?
    2. How can I prosed to flash the code to the chip?

    I have already used some time to search for some hints. I see someone talk about setting CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS, but I am not sure if this helps my problem, and I am not sure how I can set these flags to the right value.

    (I am using windows)

    Hope someone can help me,

    Thank you for your time

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    It looks like your project might not be generating debug symbols. Please first try creating a new project from scratch for the same device (using the same compiler) and verify that you can debug it. You can use the following dummy main() function to try out breakpoints/stepping:

    If it doesn’t help locate the problem, please describe what happens when you try the dummy project, and also share the .vcxproj file and the gdb log file  for the broken project and we will help you get it to work.



    Thanks for sending the logs to our support email. It looks like you are trying to debug a static library:

    Please note that static libraries cannot be debugged directly. They must be linked with the executable projects, that can be actually debugged. Please double-check that the project you are importing is an executable project, not a static library.

    You can check the project type for a VisualGDB project via Configuration Properties -> General page of VS Project Properties (see this page).

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