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    I’ve been taking the VisualGDB 5.4 Preview 1 for a test drive – in particular to test the features for ESP32 JTAG debugging.

    Some things have gone rather well. However I’ve been hoping to single-step debug the “Arduino Style” libraries with VisualGDB. I know they are not officially supported, however they are also simply C/C++ include files that I can otherwise compile with the Visual Micro add-in. Alas I’ve not had much luck with VisualGDB (my interest here is the robust JTAG support for single-step debugging).

    I’ve created a blog page to show some if the issues that I encountered with this preview release:

    I’ve also created a GitHub repository for the sample project:

    Other than some petty UI comments – the big problem I have is with external libraries not being “seen” by the compiler, despite being included in the “Additional Include Directories” as well as when attempting to add as a “component”.

    Any feedback, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps we this Preview 1, we cannot quite get to there from here yet.


    edit: I’ve created another, simpler GitHub example showing that the most basic includes are not working properly:

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    Thanks for the detailed feedback, we really appreciated it. Turns out we missed a few corner cases with absolute include paths and combinations of source/header files for recently added components.

    We have fully resolved all those issues (and a bunch of other ones discovered via deeper testing) in the following build: (you would need to re-create your project, or at least remove and re-enter the include directories in order to get them stored properly).

    We have also added the rename and remove commands to context menus (they were already supported in Preview 1, although only worked via keyboard shortcuts like F2 and Del). Thanks for pointing that out.

    %USERPROFILE% should actually work as long as you use the GNU Make syntax for it: $(USERPROFILE), not ($USERPROFILE). If it doesn’t, let us know and we will investigate.

    If you have any further feedback, or run into other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us again – we appreciate all feedback as it helps us make our products better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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