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    I’m using ESP32/ESP8266 IDF/ADF Project Wizard to build the project sample in system/ota/2+MB_flash/new_to_new_with_old.
    While the says it creates two bin files, “ota.v2_to_v3.ota.bin” and “ota.bin”, VisualGDB creates only “ota.bin”.
    How can I create the other file from VisualGDB?
    (If I use linux and build the project from command line using “make ota”, the toolchain creates the two files.)
    My toolchain is GCC 5.2.0, GDB 7.10, Revision 18, MSYS2-based and my SDK version is release/v3.3 in rtos-sdk/v3.3.





    No problem. Please try dumping the build command used by VisualGDB in a .bat file as shown on this page. Then try running the build command manually and check if it produces the necessary files. If adding “ota” to the ninja arguments works, you can achieve the same effect by locating the “ota” target in Solution Explorer and building it via the “Build” command in the context menu.



    Following your suggestion, I ran the build from command line and found that, as I expected, the generated command is as follows;
    make -j8 BUILD_DIR_BASE=’/C/dev/ESP8266/RTOSv3/ota/with_old/build/Debug’ SDKCONFIG=’/C/dev/ESP8266/RTOSv3/ota/with_old/sdkconfig-debug’ V=0″
    and if I change from “make” to “make ota” it generated two files.

    I’m not quite sure what you wrote in the last sentence.
    I don’t think I use Ninja as I use ESP8266 SDK and not ESP32.
    Also, what do you mean by “locating the “ota” target in Solution Explorer and building it via the “Build” command in the context menu”?
    My project name is “ota”, as in the attached file.
    Could you explain further what I need to do?


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    Thanks for clarifying this. Target-specific building indeed only works for CMake-based projects using the ESP-IDF framework. ESP8266 projects do not use CMake and have a fewer number of options working out-of-the-box.

    That said, you can easily configure VisualGDB to run the “make ota” command either directly after build, or in response to a custom command in Solution Explorer context menu. Simply try adding the “make ota” command (with the correct environment and working directory) to either VisualGDB Project Properties -> Custom Build Steps -> After Building, or VisualGDB Project Properties -> Custom Shortcuts, and you should be able to achieve the same effect.



    I see. Thanks.

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