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    I previously used Visual GDB with esp8266 NONOS SDK. Now I want to use the newest SDK with RTOS IDF style. So I’ve created a new project by selecting “ESP32/ESP8266 IDF/ASP Project Wizard”.

    All is working fine for build and flash the ESP8266.


    But, in the editor view, I can’t use the ctrl+click to go to the function definition and chnage the syntactic colors…

    I’m also using Visual Assist form Whole Tomoato to improove the syntactic colors, but nothing working…

    If I create a project with the “Embedded Project Wizard”, links and colors are OK, but I ‘m not using the IDF style…


    How can I get it working ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards



    Sorry, Visual Assist only works with regular VC++ projects (i.e. Embedded Project Wizard) and not with advanced projects such as the new ESP-IDF project type, as those projects are not based on VC++ and Visual Assist does not know how to attach to them.

    You can use the regular Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors to modify the syntax highlighting colors for both regular C/C++ and VisualGDB-based projects.

    If you are missing some fine-grain highlighting rules/settings, please feel free to let us know. The code highlighting for ESP-IDF projects is fully managed by VisualGDB, so we might be able to add a few extra cases there as long as it doesn’t require a major change on our side.




    Ok thanks for your answer, I will ask it to Visual Assist support team.





    I come back to you after discution with VA team.

    VA need a list of the code files that the solution contains.

    VA team ask me : “Do you know much about this project type, and the makefiles / CMakeLists.txt files that VisualGDB is generating?”

    Could you answer to this question ?

    I’ve open a ticket to VA Team, maybe you could discuss with them directly to try to solved the problem…

    Contact Colin at and specify in the mail subject “(Case 140219) Visual Assist and Visual GDB”


    Both of VGDB and VA are important for me.

    Thank for your help.



    No problem, we have contacted Whole Tomato with the case details and will update you once we get the tools integrated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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