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    Having some problems with  Epressif  board ESP32Wrover with VisualGDB 5.4 and ESP-IDF 3.3.

    Trying some image processing, we need  FFT  libraries written in assembler.  These libraries required the ESP-IDF 4 version. When we tried to install ESP-IDF 4.1 version the VisualGDB does not work with it at all.  Updated the VisualGDB to version 5.5.2, but this didn’t help. Even more this latest version does notwork now with ESP-IDF 3.3.

    What should we do to make the VisualGDB work with any ESP-IDF 4.x version? Which version of VisualGDB supports it?






    In order to use ESP-IDF 4.0, please update to VisualGDB 5.5 Preview 1.

    Please note that the old ESP32 toolchain based on gcc 5.2 only supports ESP-IDF 3.x. See this page for a full list of supported toolchain/ESP-IDF combinations.



    No Joy.

    Downloaded  5.5Preview 1, but it didnt work.
    Tried to update the existing GCC 5.2.0 to 8.2.0 that according to  site ( should support ESP-IDF4.0. But it didn’t work at all.
    Tried to find esp-idf 4.0 manually, couldn’t find it. Found  only esp-idf 4.0 beta 1 and esp-idf 4.0 beta 2. (unstable)

    Can you advice  steps  to install the VisualGDB working with esp-idf 4.0, what is needed to download, from where and which version?

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    Yes, please try deleting all the toolchains and installing the one from

    Then check if you can create, build and debug a new project from scratch. If it doesn’t work please share the details and we will help.

    If a new project works, but the existing one doesn’t, you may need to port your project to the new ESP-IDF (the ESP-IDF releases are not 100% backward-compatible). If you are getting errors specific to ESP-IDF API, please consider asking on the ESP32 forum.

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