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    Whenever I enable “Dynamic Analysis” -> “Real-time watch & trace” -> “Allow tracing various RTOS events in Real-time watch”, VisualGDB crashes with:

    “Debugging failed” (see attached screenshot for details)
    “taskTaskControlBlock does not contain a member called pcTaskName”

    I have a “standalone” project on the IMXRT1052. Embedded Frameworks is enabled, and works fine for semihosting. It’s a freeRTOS based project.


    1. Create new imxrt10xx project
    2. import newest SDK
    3. select any freeRTOS example
    4. This won’t build as default – so convert to standalone project
    5. Import all the freertos objects
    6. add embedded framework
    7. enable dynamic analysis
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    No problem, it looks like VisualGDB doesn’t support the FreeRTOS version you are using, but it should be very easy for us to resolve. Could you please share a link/attach the exact SDK you are using so that we could ensure we are looking at the same thing?



    I’m using the newest SDK: 2.6.1, it contains the FreeRTOS Kernel v10.1.1 (Amazon FreeRTOS). It’s impossible to link to the SDK, you have to generate it and get a personal download from nxp’s website. I’ve attached a cut-down version of the FreeRTOS part of the SDK to make it fit the 0.5MB limit.

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    No problem, we have rechecked the latest generated SDK and fixed both the build issue and the field offset detection problem.

    Please try this build: VisualGDB-

    Please note that you would need to re-import the KSDK from the VisualGDB wizard in order to fix the FreeRTOS-related build errors.



    the problem is the same….

    I use STM32 and STM32CubeMX


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    after installation¬†VisualGDB- everything returned to normal…

    Is this the latest version? or is there more fresh?



    Please try installing VisualGDB 5.5 Preview 7 from our download page instead. It should include the latest updates.

    It the problem persists, please let us know and we will investigate it further.



    Hi everyone,


    I had exactly the same problem with my Infineon XMC4500. After installing the new Version of VisualGDB the error is replaced by a new one:

    VisualGDB version:
    —————— System.Exception ——————
    System.Exception: Could not find the following symbol in <Project>:

    Please ensure that your project references the profiler framework, calls the InitializeInstrumentingProfiler() function and is built with the USE_FREERTOS preprocessor macro.
    at zg1.h(String d, String e, i c, String b, n a, f f)
    at xj..ctor(String c, EmbeddedDynamicAnalysisSettings a, String f, qr g, i h, j d, EmbeddedRTOSProfile b, Dictionary`2 e)
    at vs1.i(Boolean a)
    at vs1.g_2(DebugCustomizationSettings b, Boolean a)
    at o41.p2()
    at x8.e2()
    at VisualGDB.GDBDebugEngine.w1(rz1 a, m1 b)
    trace=[zg1.h:628, xj..ctor:1475, vs1.i:2275, vs1.g_2:24, o41.p2:36, x8.e2:22, VisualGDB.GDBDebugEngine.w1:58]


    It would be great if you could help me!






    No problem, we can help you.

    This error happens when you build a FreeRTOS-based project without referencing the semihosting/profiler framework, or without defining that USE_FREERTOS macro.

    If the framework is referenced and the macro is defined, please double-check that the ProfilerFreeRTOSHooks.h file is added to the project as a forced include (referencing the profiler framework should do it manually).

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