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    Have to say it has been very bad experience using WinCDEmu on a vista 64bit.
    First install, asked to get in test signing mode. Restarted computer, nothing happened. Guess need to restart the installation, this time works.
    It takes a while to “finalize” the installation. Then click a .iso file, use popup menu to select mount, a “install new hardware” icon appears. After it runs a LONG time, it says it is finished, yet NOTHING appears. Not the cd drive, nothing indicates the image has been mounted, and apparently nothing in MyComputer shows the mounted CD.
    Then restarted the computer, and tried to uninstall WinCDEmu, the uninstall says it is finished, yet NOTHING is removed. The folders are still there, the extensions for pop-up menus are still there. WTF! Had to manually remove things from uninstall menu, from disk, and from registry. Spent a good 4 hours carefully removing everything, and in the process unfortunately corrupted Winzip, so had to reinstall winzip. WTF!
    Finally go back to Deamon Lite, took minutes to install and works instantly. I regretted I even though about using this tool. Guess lots has to be done before this project can be usable.
    Usually I don’t spend any more minutes on a crappy software, but this being a opensoure one I would like to spend some time to share the experience so people can know the problems.
    Keep working, folks!



    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    I downloaded the signed version so that I didn’t have any issues by using test signing mode.
    Driver seemed to install correctly.

    Found out a couple of days later that WinZip 14.5 had been broken.
    Screen showed a dialogue box from WinCdEmu, so I knew it was the recent installation of this what had caused the problem.
    Uninstalled WinCdEmu, winzip still broken, had to repair it.

    Please fix WinCDEmu so that it does not screw up winzip, it couldn’t even open zip files ???



    This is something really strange. WinCDEmu does not do anything with WinZip. What do you mean by “Screen showed a dialogue box from WinCdEmu”? Could you please explain step-by-step what are you doing, what are you expecting, and what actually happens instead?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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