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    When you edit a variable an annoying popup appears. How to switch this off?




    VisualGDB can display many different windows, depending on what you are doing. You can find detailed description of most of them in our documentation, tutorials and the list of settings.

    If VisualGDB is not working as expected, please provide a complete description how to reproduce the issue from scratch per our problem reporting guidelines and we will try to point you to the relevant setting. Please make sure you include the relevant screenshots, as they often contain important information required to pinpoint the issue.



    The problem is the automatic correction (intellisense) suggesting all kind of options while you are typing and every variable or cast I enter is changed. This has so much effect that the editor is almost of no use. Visual Studio describes how to switch it off, but this does not seem to work for VisualGDB. I just want to type without being interrupted by wrong suggestions. I  added a picture.


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    Think I found the option in Tools->C/C++ (VisualGDB)->advanced->Code Completion->Suggest names while typing. Set it to False. (Still can use Ctrl+J to get IntelliSense suggestions)

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