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    I have a project which uses ZephyrOS and CMake. I am using VisualGDB as my “IDE.” Everything is working great, except there is a warning that appears at the top of any source code file I am editing. See attached file “custom_macro_warning.png.” I am aware that there are complications regarding VisualGDB’s CMake smarts interacting with Zephyr’s quite complex build system which uses CMake and Python. I don’t need any of these intelligent CMake features, as I only ever edit my CMake files manually. I am wondering if there is a way to tell VisualGDB’s intelligent CMake subsystem to ignore certain targets, or to suppress this warning altogether.

    The reason I ask is because every time I click into an editor window, this warning appears and shifts all lines down which causes a full line to be highlighted in the editor. It’s one of those little annoyances that really adds up over time.

    Thank you for the help,


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    Sure, you can disable this behavior via the Detect Ambiguous Target Definitions option. See this page for the exact location of the option in the latest VisualGDB version.

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