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    I just upgraded to 20191024 debug method and now have significant debug issues.

    Is the previous debug method (I think it was about 3 months old) available somewhere? If it is, I would like to revert to it.

    Every other time I attempt a debug without restarting the ESP32, I get a bizarre load address and a halt instead of my program starting. It is reliably every other startup. So after I get the error, I just stop the debugger, start it again and it runs OK.

    rst:0x3 (SW_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)</code>
    <code>configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee</code>
    <code>mode:DIO, clock div:2</code>
    <code>entry 0x40080764</code>
    <code>I (28) boot: ESP-IDF v3.3-beta3-34-g8c57aa024-dirty 2nd stage bootloader


    rst:0x3 (SW_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)</code>
    <code>configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee</code>
    <code>mode:DIO, clock div:2</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00010000, pos 00010000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00020000, pos 00020000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00030000, pos 00030000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00040000, pos 00040000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00050000, pos 00050000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00060000, pos 00060000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00070000, pos 00070000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00080000, pos 00080000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00090000, pos 00090000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000a0000, pos 000a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000b0000, pos 000b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000c0000, pos 000c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000d0000, pos 000d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000e0000, pos 000e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 000f0000, pos 000f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00100000, pos 00100000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00110000, pos 00110000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00120000, pos 00120000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00130000, pos 00130000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00140000, pos 00140000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00150000, pos 00150000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00160000, pos 00160000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00170000, pos 00170000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00180000, pos 00180000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00190000, pos 00190000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001a0000, pos 001a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001b0000, pos 001b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001c0000, pos 001c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001d0000, pos 001d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001e0000, pos 001e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 001f0000, pos 001f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00200000, pos 00200000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00210000, pos 00210000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00220000, pos 00220000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00230000, pos 00230000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00240000, pos 00240000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00250000, pos 00250000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00260000, pos 00260000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00270000, pos 00270000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00280000, pos 00280000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00290000, pos 00290000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002a0000, pos 002a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002b0000, pos 002b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002c0000, pos 002c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002d0000, pos 002d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002e0000, pos 002e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 002f0000, pos 002f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00300000, pos 00300000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00310000, pos 00310000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00320000, pos 00320000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00330000, pos 00330000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00340000, pos 00340000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00350000, pos 00350000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00360000, pos 00360000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00370000, pos 00370000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00380000, pos 00380000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00390000, pos 00390000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003a0000, pos 003a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003b0000, pos 003b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003c0000, pos 003c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003d0000, pos 003d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003e0000, pos 003e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 003f0000, pos 003f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00400000, pos 00400000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00410000, pos 00410000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00420000, pos 00420000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00430000, pos 00430000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00440000, pos 00440000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00450000, pos 00450000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00460000, pos 00460000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00470000, pos 00470000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00480000, pos 00480000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00490000, pos 00490000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004a0000, pos 004a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004b0000, pos 004b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004c0000, pos 004c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004d0000, pos 004d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004e0000, pos 004e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 004f0000, pos 004f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00500000, pos 00500000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00510000, pos 00510000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00520000, pos 00520000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00530000, pos 00530000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00540000, pos 00540000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00550000, pos 00550000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00560000, pos 00560000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00570000, pos 00570000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00580000, pos 00580000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00590000, pos 00590000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005a0000, pos 005a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005b0000, pos 005b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005c0000, pos 005c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005d0000, pos 005d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005e0000, pos 005e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 005f0000, pos 005f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00600000, pos 00600000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00610000, pos 00610000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00620000, pos 00620000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00630000, pos 00630000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00640000, pos 00640000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00650000, pos 00650000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00660000, pos 00660000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00670000, pos 00670000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00680000, pos 00680000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00690000, pos 00690000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006a0000, pos 006a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006b0000, pos 006b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006c0000, pos 006c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006d0000, pos 006d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006e0000, pos 006e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 006f0000, pos 006f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00700000, pos 00700000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00710000, pos 00710000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00720000, pos 00720000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00730000, pos 00730000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00740000, pos 00740000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00750000, pos 00750000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00760000, pos 00760000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00770000, pos 00770000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00780000, pos 00780000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00790000, pos 00790000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007a0000, pos 007a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007b0000, pos 007b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007c0000, pos 007c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007d0000, pos 007d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007e0000, pos 007e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 007f0000, pos 007f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00800000, pos 00800000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00810000, pos 00810000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00820000, pos 00820000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00830000, pos 00830000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00840000, pos 00840000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00850000, pos 00850000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00860000, pos 00860000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00870000, pos 00870000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00880000, pos 00880000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00890000, pos 00890000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008a0000, pos 008a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008b0000, pos 008b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008c0000, pos 008c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008d0000, pos 008d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008e0000, pos 008e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 008f0000, pos 008f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00900000, pos 00900000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00910000, pos 00910000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00920000, pos 00920000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00930000, pos 00930000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00940000, pos 00940000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00950000, pos 00950000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00960000, pos 00960000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00970000, pos 00970000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00980000, pos 00980000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00990000, pos 00990000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009a0000, pos 009a0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009b0000, pos 009b0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009c0000, pos 009c0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009d0000, pos 009d0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009e0000, pos 009e0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 009f0000, pos 009f0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a00000, pos 00a00000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a10000, pos 00a10000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a20000, pos 00a20000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a30000, pos 00a30000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a40000, pos 00a40000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a50000, pos 00a50000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a60000, pos 00a60000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a70000, pos 00a70000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a80000, pos 00a80000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00a90000, pos 00a90000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00aa0000, pos 00aa0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00ab0000, pos 00ab0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00ac0000, pos 00ac0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00ad0000, pos 00ad0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00ae0000, pos 00ae0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00af0000, pos 00af0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b00000, pos 00b00000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b10000, pos 00b10000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b20000, pos 00b20000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b30000, pos 00b30000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b40000, pos 00b40000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b50000, pos 00b50000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b60000, pos 00b60000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b70000, pos 00b70000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b80000, pos 00b80000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00b90000, pos 00b90000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00ba0000, pos 00ba0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00bb0000, pos 00bb0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00bc0000, pos 00bc0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00bd0000, pos 00bd0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00be0000, pos 00be0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00bf0000, pos 00bf0000</code>
    <code>1162 mmu set 00c00000, pos 00c00000




    No problem, you can always install the previous debug method via Tools->VisualGDB->Manage VisualGDB Packages->Show Old Package Versions.

    Generally, the ESP32 tool ecosystem is relatively fragile, so some combinations of toolchain/ESP-IDF/debug package may indeed not work.

    If you encounter weird reliability issues, we would advise starting with a basic LEDBlink project using one of the toolchain+ESP-IDF combinations shipped by us (they passed minimal tests on our side) and then comparing the working setup with the one that behaves unreliably. This should help pinpoint the specific parameter that is causing the issues.




    Thanks for your quick response.  Unfortunately, I do not see “Show Old Package Versions”. I have attached a screenshot. Am I just being blind or is it not there?




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    Looks like you are viewing the installed packages. Please try switching to the “online” view instead.




    Thanks !



    No worries and thanks for posting the full screenshot. It made it much easier for us to find and point out the cause.

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