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    Project details: NXP IMXRT1064, Jlink, VisualGDB, pins all muxed

    I have a project in which I need to access the internal flexspi2 flash, and so I need to run code from RAM.

    The debugger gets very finicky and unstable when trying to access the code that is in RAM. I have checked whether the code exists or not where it is pointing and it does. Most of the time I cannot even debug it at all.

    In my linker script, the flexspi and clock driver files are excluded from my .text section and included in my SRAM_ITC region.

    Thank you so much. If you need more information I’ll gladly give it



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    This question is a question about debugging RAM with VisualGDB, it isn’t a project question or anything like that. I was only giving those details to help understand the problem.

    Thank you.




    As far as VisualGDB is concerned, debugging code in RAM is not different from debugging FLASH. VisualGDB simply instructs the underlying debug tool to set breakpoints in the code and interprets the results reported by the tool.




    I appreciate the response! Hmm, that was what I did think since you guys just have GDB as the underlying tool.

    For some reason it doesn’t allow me to step into a function that is allocated to RAM though, and if the whole program is, I just get the 0xdeadbeef stack frame and Source Not Available page.

    I will look more at gdb to see if I can deduce the problem too though.

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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