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    I’ve read all about the forum you posted me (I’ve the v2, that’s never than the one there) and done what you said: copying all about the Olimex dir on the MSP430bin directory… and now it’s working all fine!
    It compiles/makes/downloads and debugs all very well. Still your example than my programms.
    Thank you very very much for all your help.

    Can I ask you if it is possible to download the programm from your VisualGDB/MSVS10 without issuing the debug. Just compile/make/download and run. In this way I do not need to download it, stop it by stopping the debug window and then run the MCU using the OLIMEX program.



    You can run GDB manually (msp430-gdb.exe ) and run the following commands to program it:
    target remote :

    You can automate it using a script. Alternatively you can change the makefile to produce Intel HEX file instead of a binary file. Look for the line that calls objcopy and change it so that it produces Intel HEX format instead of bin. Run msp430-objcopy.exe –help to get more information about supported formats.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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