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    support wrote:

    As a workaround, unless you are debugging drivers for hardware that cannot be virtualised, please consider using VM snapshots as a way of recovering from file system corruption.

    OK, so I took your advice and put the entire target in a snapshotted QEMU VM.

    I had to choose something else than VMware and VirtualBox (VMs that VK declares support for) because they only support the x86 architectures for the guest/target systems and QEMU supports ARM, MIPS, Alpha, CRIS, LM32, M68k, MicroBlaze,  OpenRisc32, PowerPC, S/390, SH4, SPARC 32/64, Unicore32, Xtensa, x86, x86-64.

    My debugees usually run on ARM, MIPS CPUs, so I really could not have used VMware nor VirtualBox.  I am using Debian 9 or 10 compiled for these plattforms.


    QUESTION: How to reliably debug Debian (ARM)  running in QEMU with VisualKernel?

    I am running QEMU with the command line listed below.

    Notice that the option: hostfwd=tcp: forwards the SSH port 10022 on the localhost (where VirtualKernel is running) to the IP address of the guest/target Debian Linux (ARM) running inside the QEMU VM. That is why VK communicates with the target via root@

    Also notice, that  the option  -device virtio-net-device means that the network adapter which the guest/target Debian sees and talks to, is a virtio adapter.

    Do I need to forward  any other ports to get the debugging working with QEMU or must I play with virtual UART ports, or something else entirely ?


    qemu-system-arm -M virt
    -m 1024
    -kernel vmlinuz-4.19.0-6-armmp-lpae
    -initrd initrd.img-4.19.0-6-armmp-lpae
    -append root=/dev/vda2
    -drive if=none,file=hda.qcow2,format=qcow2,id=hd -device virtio-blk-device,drive=hd
    -netdev user,id=mynet,restrict=off,net=,hostfwd=tcp: -device virtio-net-device,netdev=mynet


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    Sorry, we absolutely do not support Qemu. It is extremely unreliable and difficult to configure. Please try using VMWare instead.



    Please try using VMWare instead.

    But how ?

    VMware does not support ARM nor MIPS CPUs !!!

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    Thanks for clarifying this. In that case, indeed QEmu could one of the best bets, although configuring it would be non-trivial.

    Generally, Qemu supports the gdb stub mode similar to VWMare, so we would advise the following configuration:

    • Forward SSH port from the target to 10022 or any other port and specify “localhost:10022”  as the host name in VisualKernel.
    • Enable the gdb stub mode in Qemu and use the “custom” mode in VisualKernel, directing it to connect to the specified host/port.

    That said, due to low reliability of Qemu, this setup may trigger strange bugs, or not work at all.



    Dear Goerge255,

    Please share it, if you have managed to setup Visual GDB debug of the Linux OS running within Qemu?

    Thank you.

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