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    If I use the debugger to step trough my functions inside a class I get the following “error” message:
    “Frame not in module”
    “The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location.”
    “You can view disassembly in the Disassembly window. To always view disassembly for missing source files, change the setting in the Options dialog”.

    The functions are inside public structs inside of a class. I created on each struct an public pointer which I use outside of the class to access it.

    I use these to structure the code when accessing the class.

    See screenshots in the attachment.

    How can I prevent this message and jump into these functions?

    Thank you!


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    Most likely, some of the files in your project are compiled without debugging symbols. Please follow this tutorial to diagnose the issue.



    Thank you for your fast response.

    I’m not using Linux or something, just trying to debug a STM32F411RE (Nucleo-F411RE).

    This “issue” happens when the debugger wants to jump from the main.cpp to my function inside the file BME280.cpp.

    I found something interesting, don’t know if its the same topic:

    Seems like someone else also had this issue quite a while ago but he was doing something on Linux:

    I will try to follow tomorrow the steps which he took.



    This message generally means that the processor got stopped at a location that does not have debugging symbols (i.e. was not derived from one of the source files). You can still use the Call Stack window to see the function name or the Disassembly window to see the address and the assembly instructions.

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