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    There are some problems with purchasing microcontrollers from ST manufacturer.
    Now there are a lot of their clones. The most popular is GigaDevice. Therefore, the question arises with the support of these microcontrollers.
    Can you help with creating a debug support project? For example, for GD32F330.


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    Sorry, we do not have any plans for supporting the Chinese clones of the ST devices. If you would like to get reliable development experience, please consider purchasing a genuine ST device and a genuine VisualGDB license.



    These are not ”¬†Chinese clones of the ST devices”. These are geniuine devices with ARM licence. Shure they are pin to pin compatibile (and peripherial as well) with ST.¬† Gigadevices MCUs are fully suported by IAR or KEIL compilers.




    Due to relatively low reliability, we cannot advise these devices to our users and hence do not plan to officially support them. We do have long-term plans for supporting some of their RISC-V devices though.

    Either way, VisualGDB is fully integrated with the IAR and Keil compiler, so you can simply install it and pick it in the Embedded Project Wizard if you would like to target a device not directly supported by VisualGDB.

    You can also try creating a project manually as shown in this tutorial. This will also work with any device that is not directly supported by VisualGDB, but is based on a supported core (e.g. ARM).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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