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    Mystery Keeper

    First of all, thank you guys very much for a great free product!

    I don’t know much about different CD images formats and about CD layout itself. But I tried to work with different images and came to two conclusions:

    1. CD can have multiple “tracks”. Some of them can be audio tracks and some – data tracks.
    2. WinCDEmu only provides access to data tracks, completely ignoring audio tracks.

    That’s a major problem. Could you please implement proper audio tracks support?



    Hello! I think I have te same problem. In w10.

    A Mdf/mds with timeshock pinBall game CD runs ok, install and everything, EXCEPT the music on game because this is from the musicCD track of CD, not from data track.

    the same mdf mds cd with alcoh…. in w7 all run ok, game with music in game





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    I need virtual CD’s only for retro PC gaming so lacking CDDA audio in virtual drive is not an option for me.

    That’s a pity, overall cool software.

    Registered on the forum just to subscribe to that topic. And now – keep on searching for VCD I need

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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