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    I clicked on update the Arduino AVR Boards package and then quickly after that canceled it again.

    Normally it would kick you out of the VisualGDB Packages but not in this case. The installing bar was also not affected by it and continued ramping up.

    After the installing bar was filled, VisualGDB threw a warning/error at me



    Unfortunately, the description you provided does not contain sufficient details for us to reproduce the issue. Please consider describing the issue per our problem reporting guidelines so that we could try reproducing it on our side.



    I’m using version 5.5 Preview 2 build 3385

    1) Open any VisualGDB project you have (Embedded/Arduino etc.)

    2)Go under your VisualGDB Packages window

    3)If you have installed “Arduino AVR Boards 1.8.1”, remove it

    4)Now click on install “Arduino AVR Boards 1.8.1” and quickly click on “Cancel” before the download/installation

    5)You will see two error messages. These are not important so you can close them

    Now you will see that the progress bar is still being displayed, even if the installation has been cancelled (see attached screenshot). This shouldn’t be active anymore

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    Thanks for the repro steps. We have reproduced the problem, however it looks like it’s limited to showing incorrect value in the status bar. Indeed, canceling an Arduino package installation will immediately stop the download, but the Visual Studio’s status bar will only get updated when another component uses it to display the progress.

    Due to the relatively low impact of the issue, we will fix it during the next update of the progress-related logic.

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