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    I was wondering if VisualGDB projects have support for C++20, or if not, what a timeline for support might look like. I’m inclined to believe at the moment does not, since the VisualGDB project wizard does not have a dropdown selection for it:

    In addition to this Clang error when the CMakeLists is set to C++20:

    The compiler builds my software regardless of these errors. Setting the CMakeLists standard to C++17 makes the errors go away though. Is this an issue with Visual Studio or VisualGDB configuration?





    The support for a specific language standard (e.g. C++20) comes from the gcc version included in your toolchain. VisualGDB works just fine with it, as long as your toolchain supports it.

    The wizard indeed shows language standards up to C++17, but you can always change the standard to C++20 via project properties, once you have selected a toolchain compatible with it.

    For CMake projects, you can also just set the language standard directly by editing the CMakeLists.txt file. VisualGDB will automatically pick it up once you reload the project.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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