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    I successfully use VisualGDB and VisualDDK and now i am testing VisualKernel before to buy it.
    If we create kernel project named “lkm-1”, the wizard will generate wrong function names (for compiler).


    static int __init lkm-1_init(void)
    printk("lkm-1: Hello, world!n");
    return 0;
    static void __exit lkm-1_exit(void)
    printk("lkm-1: Goodbye, world!n");


    The symbol ‘-‘ is wrong for function and variable names, but right for file names.
    Can you fix the wizard to replace such symbols with ‘_’ for generated functions/variables?
    I am not sure, but i think that i have seen this bug in VisualGDB and VisualDDK wizard too.

    As an additional question:
    Do you plan to release new versions of VisualDDK? I need VisualDDK for Visual Studio 2013.
    Even if it becomes commercial, I probably would buy its license.




    Thanks for reporting it, we will include a fix in the next maintenance release.
    Regarding VisualDDK, we have no current plans of releasing further versions, as Microsoft includes Visual Studio support in the latest WDK and many people consider VisualDDK obsolete. We may eventually invest in that direction, but certainly not within the next year, as we are now focusing on increasing usability of VisualGDB.

    When we decided to stop active development of VIsualDDK, we made it open-source. If you are interested in making a VS2013-compatible version, you can simply use the source code and replace registry keys/assembly references. If you have any questions about building it, feel free to ask on the corresponding forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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