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    Hi I recently started using visualGDB, and started importing existing projects.
    Currently we use BSP files per project/solution so that it will be build with the same BSP files. (even years later)
    Is there a way to specify the shared files location per solution?

    I know I can modify the  makefile, but this will get overwritten if I change stuff through the visualGDB GUI.
    So would be nice if you can define the shared files location relative to the project or set the $(BSP_ROOT) per solution.









    Yes, VisualGDB allows relocating the BSP to an arbitrary location under your source control (see this tutorial).

    Once the BSP is relocated, VisualGDB will remember its location on that machine and will automatically configure BSP_ROOT for all related projects to point to it.



    I don’t want the configure the BSP_ROOT root per machine, but per solution.
    We have projects using the same micro but targeted against different BSP files (versions).

    It seems I’m unable to make the BSP_ROOT relative to the project or to leave it Empty using visualGDB GUI.






    Thanks for the clarification. You can easily configure VisualGDB to maintain multiple simultaneous versions of the BSP via a checkbox under Tools->VisualGDB->Manage VisualGDB Packages->BSPs. After the multi-version mode is enabled, you can relocate each BSP version to a specific location in your source tree. Would that work for you?



    kinda, still have to add an absolute path and still not per solution.
    We use git sub-modules so that the correct BSP files are copied into the project when it’s get cloned.

    As stated before we use different BSP versions and even different branches of the same version due to modified vector tables and other tweaks.
    That’s why I was wondering if I could have a relative path or leave the BSP blank.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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