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    I’m wondering if this can be used to create an ISO image from a bootable USB drive?

    There are heaps of tutorials out there to make a ISO from a bootable USB drive but it only works if it is a Microsoft bootable.  I am trying to create ISOs from a number of utility applications like SeaTools, so that the ISOs can then be incorporated into a multiboot USB like Easy2boot, to have all my utilities on one USB instead of having to carry half a dozen.

    I tried just r/clicking the SeaTools USB in file manager and selecting build ISO, gave it a file name etc, but I just got an error:
    D:\Program Files (x86)\WinCDEmu\mkisofs.exe: Warning: Cannot add inode hints with -no-cache-inodes.
    D:\Program Files (x86)\WinCDEmu\mkisofs.exe: No such file or directory. Invalid node – ‘H:”‘.

    Does anyone know if WinCDEmu can do this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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