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    I just installed BazisLib 2.5.1 on Win7 Ultimate & VS2008 Team System. WinDDK 7600.16385.1 is installed.
    VisualDDK was already installed & its wizard is working fine.
    After installation of BazisLib, I tried to run the project wizard, but it won’t work.
    Just an unobtrusive error message is issued in the status line of VS2008, saying something an “Project xyz is being created. Error creating project xyz …”.
    I reinstalled BazisLib using admin rights, but it’s the same difference.
    Any hints on what I’m missing?



    Sorry I can’t be of any help here, but I’m suffering from exactly the same problem.

    Are there any log files we can look at?



    A little more information.

    I’ve now tried this on a virtual machine with only VS2008 pro installed. The same error occurs. I’ve rebuilt the ddkwiz project, registered the COM server by hand and I still see the same error.

    I have debugged the devenv process that I’m attempting to use the wizard from and there is no evidence at all that the wizard assembly is being loaded. There are a couple of first chance excpetion 0xE0000001 being thrown but they are handled.

    I can create an instance of ddkwiz.BzsDDKWizard from oleview.

    Any ideas anyone?



    Finally an answer after a lot of debugging and reading of google results!

    It seems that there are two available formats for the .vsz file which describes the COM component to create in order to obtain an instance of the wizard.

    First there is a plain text format and second there is an apparently undocumented (no schema available) XML format.

    If the .vsz file loader has any problems loading the file as plain text it will attempt to load it as XML. When both fail you see the error we are seeing.

    It seems that the plain text load is extremely fussy about its text and the file MUST be in ANSI PC format with no leading white space to be accepted.

    In my case the problem appears to arise because the BzsDDKWiz.vsz file has become ANSI UNIX format and thus the plain text load fails as does the subsequent XML format load.

    I guess the incorrect file format is an attribute of archive file extraction, I fixed it by loading the file into TextPad and saving in ANSI PC format.

    Hope that helps.




    Also I found that the carriage-return char between “VSWIZARD 7.0” and “Wizard=…” should be rn instead of only n. I don’t know why but god the same wizard error in vs2008 if the carriage-return is not changed.

    Best regards,
    Mauro H. Leggieri



    Hi, all.
    Starting from VisualDDK 1.5.2/BazisLib 2.5.2 the BazisLib project templates have been integrated into VisualDDK project Wizard and will work for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.

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