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    Hi there,

    I am using the embedded ARM Toolchain that is installed through the VisualGDB package manager (GCC 10.3.1; GDB 10.2.90). The toolchain’s  arm-none-eabi\include\c++\10.3.1  directory appears to be missing files. For instance, the standard C++ string file attempts to include bits/c++config.h , however this file does not exist in the toolchain. So, if I try to use C++ strings, my build breaks.

    Does anyone know what is happening here and how I can fix it?

    All help is appreciated 🙂

    Thank you for reading this.




    We have just rechecked our ARM toolchain and it works just fine. Most likely, you have configured something incorrectly on our side.

    We will monitor the issue and will consider investigating it further if other users report similar issues.



    It looks like I am running the C compiler rather than the C++ compiler. Is there a setting to change the compiler?



    Unfortunately, it is hard to suggest anything specific based on the description you provided.
    In order for us to provide any help with this, we need to be able to reproduce the problem on our side.
    Please provide complete and detailed steps to reproduce the issue as described below:

    1. The steps should begin with launching Visual Studio. They should include every step necessary to create the project from scratch and reproduce the issue.
    2. Please make sure the steps do not involve any 3rd-party code as we will not be able to review it. If the problem only happens with a specific project, please make sure you can reproduce it on a clean project created from scratch.
    3. The steps should include uncropped screenshots of all wizard pages, VisualGDB Project Properties pages and any other GUI involved in reproducing the problem. This is critical for us to be able to reproduce the problem on our side.

    You can read more about the best way to report VisualGDB issues in our problem reporting guidelines, If you do not wish to document the repro steps and save the screenshots, please consider recording a screen video instead and sending us a link to it.

    Please note that many VisualGDB issues are caused by selecting an incompatible combination of settings at some point. We are generally not able to review specific projects and find the specific settings that were set incorrectly. We recommend checking the projects into source control and keeping a track of all changed settings to avoid breaking the projects.

    You can also try checking various diagnostic output from various parts of VisualGDB as described on this page. Although we won’t be able to review it for a specific project unless the we can reproduce the problem from scratch, checking it might provide some clues on what is causing the unexpected behavior.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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