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    I’m seeing “'ansi+tabs': unknown terminal type” when I try to build to a CentOS 7 Docker container using VisualGDB.  (I have not had this problem when building to an Ubuntu 21 container.)

    Also, if I go into the SSH Connection Manager and then click “Test Connection,” I’m informed that the connection was made, but that “'pwd' returned an unexpected reply.”

    If I open a console to my Docker container from the SSH Connection Manager, I don’t see anything untoward.  It connects just fine, and a pwd command shows my present working directory as expected.  However, whenever I enter a cd command to change directory, I get the output “'ansi+tabs': unknown terminal type” just before the directory change is effected.

    I’d rather not set my project to ignore file transfer errors.  How do I go about addressing this problem?



    No problem, please let us know the email address associated with your license key, so that we could check your support status.



    Actually, I got this figured out.  User error, please disregard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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