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    Hi. I am trying the trial of VisualGDB to work on the native side of an Android app. I have a few comments and questions.

    1. When trying to attach, VisualGDB looks in the wrong place for aapt.exe (it looks in /platform-tools/ instead of /build-tools//) so I made a hard link in the mean time.
    2. When trying to attach, VisualGDB looks in the wrong place for prebuild toolchain apps (it looks in /toolchains/x64-4.7/prebuild/windows/bin/ without checking to see if I have the 64-bit ndk with the directory at /toolchains/x64-4.7/prebuild/windows-x86_64/bin/) so I made a junction point in the mean time.
    3. I saw that you seem to support path mapping but there is no GDB project settings available in my VS2010 menu when right-clicking on the project created through your Android project wizard. I’m assuming that if I could have found how to path map I wouldn’t have had to mess around with hard links and junctions.
    4. Are the changes in directories of these tools very new? How long can one who buys the license reasonably expect updates when things change in the android sdk?
    5. Intellisense gives me errors for types.h and compiler.h when I’m modifying the main library file. Should I set preprocessor flags in the project or remove the files?

    Thanks for your time




    Thanks for the feedback. Normally we accommodate NDK changes in our next release following the usual release cycle, but the problems you described were worth making a hotfix. Please download VisualGDB 3.1r3 from our website. Below are the details:

    1. Fixed.
    2. Fixed. Additionally we added the option to choose which toolchain to use for gdb.
    3. The path mappings in VisualGDB Project Properties are used differently, they are used only for mappings between the development and target machines. There is no VisualGDB Project Properties in the right-click menu on the project or in the Project->VisualGDB Project Properties? Is there a vgdbsettings file in the project directory?
    4. The changes in the directories came with the latest NDK version and would be normally accommodated in the next release of VisualGDB. The users that purchased a license within a year from the release can upgrade for free, otherwise they need to renew the license.
    5. Depends on which errors are you getting. VisualGDB reuses the IntelliSense mechanism of Visual Studio by tweaking it in 2 ways:
    a. Forcing it to use the Linux directories instead of its native directories.
    b. Forcing it to consume the gcc_compat.h file that contains #define directives for GCC-specific language features (e.g. __attribute__). Most of those definitions are blank, as the features are irrelevant to the browsing IntelliSense does.
    Your problem can be caused by either a path conflict or a missing definition in gcc_compat.h. Could you give examples on the errors or make a screenshot of them so that we can help you identify the main cause of them?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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