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    Could VisualGDB’s  Advanced Memory Window support rbp(or rsp)-based offset to be displayed in the address column(the first column) , and add a column to display symbol name?  e.g.,

    Address                Value                         Symbol


    rbp-18    00007ffff794add3      __libc_start_main

    rbp-10    00007ffff794ac96      call_sym

    rbp-8     00007ffff7bd5218

    rbp         00007ffff70c95c0






    Yes, we should be able to add an option to replace the raw addresses with $bp or $sp-relative addresses or “section name + offset” syntax (or add another column for that).

    With symbols, VisualGDB can already highlight them (and also stack frames) via the “show global symbol locations” button. If it isn’t helpful in your scenario, please let us know the details so we could take it into account when designing this update.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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