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    Hello Everyone,

    This post isn’t a question. It’s more like some info on how to add NetXDuo to AzureRTOS for STM32. I’ve been working with Microsoft Visual Studio and VisualGDB for quite some time now and like them very much. Besides some tiny quirks, nothing would justify changing to something else.

    In one of my latest projects, I’m using a STM32H753ZI MCU, which runs the following software:

    • Web-HTTP Server
      • Providing a web interface to enter data for processing.
      • Change device settings like IP address.
      • Change IO-Link settings.
    • FTP Server
      • Update the files for the web interface.
      • Update the files for other settings.
    • IO-Link Device stack
      • Communicate with PLC units link SIEMENS S7.
    • NFC Data transfer
      • Transferring data to a <span class=”fontstyle0″>Dynamic NFC/RFID tag</span> like the ST25DV64KC.

    I started this project with the STM32CubeIDE with integrated STM32CubeMX software and encountered very early limitations and restrictions, which made the process very cumbersome. VisualGDB offers the option to import STM32CubeIDE projects and work on those within Visual Studio. Unfortunately, those imported projects still require STM32CubeMX to change particular project configurations. Since the standard STM32CubeMX-code templates are somewhat buggy, the manual reimplementing of modifications in the STM32CubeMX-generated code is significant.

    In my project, I needed the NetXDuo part of AzureRTOS, and VisualGDB does not offer this option in its STM32 frameworks. I could indeed copy the required files into the project and use them as a local resource, but I started liking the STM32 processors and played with the idea of using them more often in future projects. Implementing NetXDuo as part of the AzureRTOS framework of VisualGDB is the better solution for me. Also, I can imagine that the development team of VisualGDB already has a lot of things on its plate, so I took the liberty to add NetXDuo myself.

    I have tested only the parts I’m using in my current project, but it looks pretty good so far. I added the files with the changes to my GitHub as a public library in case anyone is interested. Since VisualGDB is commercial software and I wasn’t sure about the copyrights of SysProgs, I stripped the files down to the bare minimum to complete the implementation.

    Here is the link to my GitHub – VisualGDB_NetXDuo_Framework repo:


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    Thanks for sharing this!

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