Add option to add newlib-nano/syscalls.c for stm32cubemx projects without FreeRT

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    When using STM32CubeMX-type project, if you create a regular application without FreeRTOS, no C Library is included. Is it possible to add a box like you have for a regular embedded project to include newlib for example

    I was getting errors about undefined reference to _sbrk

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    No problem. We have updated VisualGDB to show the toolchain-level settings (e.g. newlib) via VisualGDB Project Properties -> Embedded Project for STM32CubeMX projects. It now works the same way as for the regular projects.

    Please feel free to try the following build: VisualGDB- This will also be included in the upcoming VisualGDB 5.6 Beta 2.



    If I create an STM32CubeMX project, what is the easiest way to enable semihosting to use printf etc.? You don’t get the options for newlib-nano, generate system call stubs etc. with this project type



    EDIT: totally forgot I made a simalar post the other week, saw your reply and installed the 4073 build, thanks for that!

    After installing that, if I enable Support Semihosting, I can include stdio and printf works, but if I enable fast semihosting I still get the errors about _sbrk etc. With both enabled I get the “multiple definition of _isattyā€¯ error like in the tutorial, so I will keep this post for that.

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    No problem, we have merged the new thread with the old one.

    The “multiple definition” error is expected if STM32CubeMX provides its own definitions of the semihosting-related functions that conflict with the toolchain-provided ones. In order to use the implementations enabled via VisualGDB Project Properties, you would need to remove other conflicting implementations from the project, either by patching the STM32CubeMX-generated sources, or by changing the STM32CubeMX configuration.

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