Configuring i.MX6 kernel for KGDBoE

In order to configure an i.MX6 Linux kernel to support KGDBoE, ensure that the following settings are enabled in your kernel configuration file (.config):

Setting Description Other settings to enable
CONFIG_NETPOLL Enables non-interrupt-based network interfaces required by KGDBoE CONFIG_NETCONSOLE
CONFIG_KGDB Enables kernel-mode debugging support  
CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS Allows KGDBoE to hook various network-related functions CONFIG_FTRACE

Normally you can enable those settings by removing lines like "# CONFIG_NETPOLL is not set" from the .config file in your kernel source directory and then running the following command:

"ARCH=arm" make oldconfig

Kernel configuration script will then ask you whether to enable the options you removed. Ensure you answer 'yes' to all of them. Note that some of the options will not appear until you remove and enable the options required by them (e.g. CONFIG_NETPOLL will not be shown until you enable CONFIG_NETCONSOLE). See the table above for more details.