Legacy products

The products listed on this page are not actively developed or maintained. We have published the source code for all the legacy products and are open to contributions from the community, however we ourselves do not maintain them anymore.


BazisLib is a library for developing Windows drivers and system-level applications in C++. It provides an abstraction layer for basic API (e.g. file management) reused by kernel-mode and user-mode code.

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VisualDDK is an open-source extension for Visual Studio that allows developing and debugging kernel drivers directly from IDE. It includes a driver wizard, a kernel debugger integrated into Visual Studio interface (based on WinDbg engine), a driver launcher and a handy debug console allowing to run existing WinDbg/KD commands.

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VirtualKD accelerates debugging of Windows kernel-mode drivers on VirtualBox and VMWare by providing a fast debug transport extension. Transparently integrating with WinDbg and VisualDDK it accelerates debugging experience by a factor of 45x and more.

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VisualHDL is an IDE for rapid development for FPGAs. It supports THDL++ - a C++-like language inheriting fully parallel semantics from VHDL We use VisualHDL internally to develop massively parallel FPGA-accelerated solutions with the productivity and flexibility of C++ software.

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Windows Service Manager is a small tool that simplifies all common tasks related to Windows services. It can create services (both Win32 and Legacy Driver) without restarting Windows, delete existing services and change service configuration. It has both GUI and Command-line modes. It can also be used to run arbitrary Win32 applications as services (when such service is stopped, main application window is closed automatically). SrvMan works on both x86 and x64 machines.

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