VisualKernel Version History

This page summarizes the changes added in different versions of VisualKernel

09 Apr 2019 v3.1 Added support for Kernel versions up to 5.0.5
Supported Ubuntu 18, CentOS 7, Debian 9.8, Fedora 9.2 and Mint 19
Added support for Xilinx Zynq Boards
Added support for kernel source navigation with CodeJumps
Added support for faster files transfers via SysprogsSync
Added support for Visual Studio 2019
Breakpoints in .init sections are now discarded after the module load
Eliminated delays during Visual Studio startup
Improved compatibility with high-DPI displays
19 Feb 2018 v3.0 Added support for debugging kernels with ASLR
Debugging modules no longer requires kernel symbols
Raspberry Pi kernel is now built fully automatically
Added an Advanced Kernel Project Subsystem
Added support for accessing sources directly via SSH
Improved compatibility with high-DPI displays
Added support for VMware 14
Added support for Visual Studio 2017
Added support for Raspberry Pi 3
Project wizards now follow the VS color theme
03 May 2016 v2.1 Added support for easy multi-core JTAG debugging
Ethernet-based debugging now works on i.MX6
14 Oct 2015 v2.0 Added support for precise Clang-based IntelliSense
VisualKernel can now quickly lookup function definitions in the entire Kernel
Fixed compatibility issues with the newest kernel releases
29 May 2014 v1.1r2 Added support for Linux Kernel 4.0
Kernel Quick Debug now supports specifying startup commands
Fixed compatibility issues with VisualGDB 5.0
Baud rate is now set automatically for COM ports
Added an option to run GDB under sudo
Improved serial port debugging support for 3-machine setups
27 Jun 2014 v1.1 Added support for debugging kernel over network (KGDBoE)
Added a Kernel Quick Debug command to debug kernels without creating projects
23 Feb 2014 v1.0 Fixed various bugs
Added support for Raspberry PI
04 Feb 2014 v1.0 Beta 1 Initial release