Linux Kernel made easy!

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Debug Linux Kernel with Visual Studio

Enjoy the ease of Visual Studio when developing for Linux kernel:

  • Build and debug Linux kernel modules with Visual Studio
  • Customize Linux kernel and experiment with it
  • Use Network, COM port, JTAG or VMWare stub
  • Enjoy the full power of Visual Studio debugger
  • Never worry about module load addresses and symbols
  • See printk() messages in real time

Support for i.MX6 and other devices

VisualKernel 2.1 supports the popular i.MX6 System-on-Chip out-of-the-box. Simply choose between JTAG debugging or Ethernet debugging, connect your board and start stepping through your code with full multi-core support.

Precise IntelliSense with GNU extensions

VisualKernel 2.0 includes the Clang-based IntelliSense engine that supports the GNU language extensions and includes a high-performance indexing engine that can find definitions and references in the entire Kernel in seconds. Advanced features like Code Map, refactoring and create-from-use take the pain out of kernel module development and make it easy and seamless.

Automatic module management

Forget the trouble of tracking module load addresses manually:

  • Just hit F5 and enjoy you breakpoints and symbols working
  • Automatically load symbols for selected in-tree modules
  • Easily load and unload your module while debugging
  • View detailed module information via Modules pane

The easiest setup ever

Don't worry about setting up kernel debugging:

  • Automatic installation of kernel headers and symbols*
  • Automatic installation of kernel source packages*
  • Automatic configuration of KGDB and VMWare stub
  • Automatic indexing of in-tree kernel modules

*Automatic package installation available on popular Linux distros

Linux Kernel source at a glance

VisualKernel automatically downloads and manages kernel source code:

  • Explore Linux internals while debugging your kernel modules
  • Open the relevant kernel source files via Call Stack or source list
  • Set breakpoints in Kernel source files
  • Create custom kernel projects to experiment your own changes