Welcome to VisualKernel

Welcome to your VisualKernel trial. Please use the table below to find the best way to start your project:

Debugging non-hardware-specific issues

If your project does not involve debugging specific hardware issues, please consider using VisualKernel with VMware, VirtualBox or QEMU and debugging it with the VM-specific gdb stub. Because the stub runs outside the guest machine, it is completely isolated from it (hence the crashes or memory corruption in the kernel itself will not affect the operation of the stub). It is also much faster than any other debug method. You can find a detailed overview of the VM engines supported by VisualKernel here.

Debugging specific hardware issues on x86/x64 machines

If you are debugging a specific hardware problem on an x86/x64-based machine and cannot use VMWare, we recommend starting with KGDBoE (debugging over Ethernet). This is the fastest way to debug a physical machine, however it is relatievly unreliable as internal kernel events in other threads may interfere with the debugger. If KGDBoE does not work with your setup, try using KGDBoC. It is more reliable, however is also much slower and requires a physical (non-USB) COM port on the target machine. 

Debugging Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based boards

The best way to debug an Embedded Linux system is to use the on-board JTAG port with an external JTAG debugger. As the JTAG interface provides low-level access to the target's CPU and memory, it is  very reliable and relatively fast. See our Raspberry Pi tutorial for details.

You can find a comprehensive list of VisualKernel tutorials on this page.