Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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|\CGDBServerFoundation::GDBServerImplements a TCP/IP server handling the gdbserver protocol
oCGDBServerFoundation::BreakInSocketEncapsulates a socket with asynchronous break-in support
oCGDBServerFoundation::DynamicLibraryRecordDescribes a shared library loaded in to the process address space
oCGDBServerFoundation::EmbeddedMemoryRegionSpecifies a single memory region inside an embedded device. Used to detect the FLASH memory that requires erasing
oCGDBServerFoundation::IBreakInTargetReceives asynchronous break-in requests from a BreakInSocket
|\CGDBServerFoundation::IGDBStubDefines a GDB stub capable of handling raw gdbserver requests. Use the GDBStub class to instantiate
| \CGDBServerFoundation::BasicGDBStubImplements basic GDB stub functionality (recognizing packet types, reporting features, formatting common replies)
|  \CGDBServerFoundation::GDBStubImplements supported gdbserver packets by invoking methods of a provided IGDBTarget object
oCGDBServerFoundation::IFLASHProgrammerImplements methods required to program the FLASH memory
oCGDBServerFoundation::IGDBStubFactoryDefines a class that creates instances of IGDBStub when incoming connections from GDB are received
oCGDBServerFoundation::IStoppedGDBTargetDefines methods called when the target is stopped
|\CGDBServerFoundation::ISyncGDBTargetDefines a GDB target
| \CGDBServerFoundation::MinimalTargetBaseProvides default "not supported" implementations for optional methods of IStoppedGDBTarget
oCGDBServerFoundation::PlatformRegisterListContains a fixed list of registers defined at compile time
oCGDBServerFoundation::RegisterEntryDescribes a single register of the target platform
oCGDBServerFoundation::RegisterSetContainerStores values of some or all target registers
oCGDBServerFoundation::RegisterValueContains the value of a single register. Register values are normally passed via RegisterSetContainer objects
oCGDBServerFoundation::BreakInSocket::SocketWrapperAn instance of this class should be obtained and held for the entire time when a packet is received. After it is destroyed, the break-in detector thread becomes active again
oCGDBServerFoundation::StandardResponsesContains common responses sent by gdbserver to GDB
oCGDBServerFoundation::StubResponseContains the response sent to GDB by the target. The response it not escaped or RLE-encoded and does not include packet header and checksum
oCGDBServerFoundation::TargetStopRecordDefines the last debug event (i.e. the reason why the target was stopped)
\CGDBServerFoundation::ThreadRecordDescribes a single thread of the debugged program